all-inclusive Investigation

We firmly believe that to provide an objective analysis of a collision, all the available evidence must be identified, recorded, secured and analysed. Each investigative activity provides another valuable piece of the overall incident.

We specialise in large and catastrophic loss cases where we work together with our clients to provide early indications of liability as part of a cost containment strategy. With our all-inclusive service, we identify, record and secure all the available evidence at the earliest possibility, thereby minimising our clients' exposure to risk.

The cost of our all-inclusive investigative service is fixed and allows our clients to manage their case costs from the outset.


Anywhere in mainland UK
No additional costs
25 day lead time
Includes the following:
CPR-compliant Investigative Reconstruction Report
Full Case Review
Collision Site Analysis
3D Laser Scans
Vehicle Examinations
Seat Belt Examinations
UAV Aerial Imagery
Forensic Animation
Computer Simulation
Lamp Analysis
Digital Video Analysis
Collision Site Photography
Scale Plans
Travel & Time
All Disbursements

Due to the specific nature and potential incompatibility of the collision-involved vehicles, both our crash data analysis and vehicle forensic services are available for an additional charge. Our UAV aerial imagery service may be limited to the flight restrictions associated with the airspace locality.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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All Inclusive Service Collision Accident

All-Inclusive Investigation

Collision Reconstruction Collision Accident

Investigative Reconstructions
Desktop Analysis Collision Accident

Desktop Analysis
Claim Validation

Claim Validations
Vehicle Examinations Collision Accident

Vehicle Examinations
Laser Scanning Collision Accident

3D Laser Scanning
Forensic Animations Collision Accident

Forensic Animations
CCTV Digital Video Analysis Collision Accident

Digital Video Analysis
Collision Site Analysis Collision Accident

Collision Site Analysis
UAV Collision Accident

UAV Aerial Imagery
Collision Accident Computer Simulations

Computer Simulations
Collision Accident Vehicle Forensics Infortainment

Vehicle Forensics
Collision Accident Crash Data Analysis

Crash Data Analysis
Collision Accident Light Bulb Analysis

Lamp Analysis
Collision Accident Seat Belts

Seat Belt Examinations
Incident Analysis

Incident Analysis
Collision Accident Photography

Site Photography
Collision Accident Scale Plan

Scale Plans
Collision Accident Report Validation

Report Confirmations