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Highlighted terminology is explained at the bottom of the page.

Although we offer many collision site investigative activities, from UAV aerial imagery to 3D laser scanning, there are times when our clients' matters of instruction require only photographic imagery of the road geometry.

We attend collision sites at all times of the day and night specific to the matters of instruction.

For cases where sunlight and glare disablement are potential sources of contributory and causative factors, we can mathematically calculate the date and time to reattend the collision site so that the sun is at the same azimuth and elevation as the collision event. This timed reattendance is particularly beneficial when looking at conspicuity, sightlines and glare disablement.

We provide our clients with a fully customisable service and have diverse investigative activities which we can undertake at the collision site to assist with their requirements.


Fees & Lead Times

Our service level agreements for fees and lead times for our collision site photography services vary due to the complexity of each case and any additional investigative services required.

This service is part of our all-inclusive investigative reconstruction package.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.




Causative Factor - An event, circumstance or condition that causes a collision.

Collision Site - The geographical location of a collision scene.

Conspicuity - The extent to which an object is discernible from its surroundings.

Contributory Factor - An event, circumstance or condition that contributes to a collision.

Glare – A harsh, uncomfortable strong or dazzling light that can affect an observer.

Matters of Instruction - The specific elements of a collision a client seeks consultancy for.

Road Geometry – The geometric design of roads concerned with the positioning of the physical elements of it according to standards and constraints.

Sightline - A visual axis for a normally unobstructed line of sight between an observer and a subject of interest.




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