We offer our clients an early decision on liability for large and catastrophic loss cases to provide them with critical cost containment. Although we offer a comprehensive range of services, often our clients want an early indication of liability through the forensic analysis of photographs, vehicle damage assessment reports, witness statements and accounts, digital video evidence, police reports and associated case files. Quick turnaround desktop assessments and desktop CPR-compliant reports provide our clients with the facts they need to make responsive and informed decisions on liability.

Whether it is through a desktop or an investigative service, our clients can efficiently and accurately assess their risk and exposure.

We offer three different levels of reports for all services concerning the matters of instruction:

  1. Desktop Assessments - A brief non-disclosable report highlighting and objective analysis on the matters of instruction.
  2. CPR-Compliant Desktop Reconstruction Report - A comprehensive CPR-compliant report detailing an objective analysis of the matters of instruction.
  3. CPR-Compliant Investigative Reconstruction Report - A reconstruction service detailing an objective analysis of the matters of instruction through an investigative procedure. Please click here for this service.

For our low speed claim validation desktop analysis service please click here.


Desktop Assessments

A brief non-disclosable desktop assessment offers our clients a cost containment approach to securing an early objective analysis of the matters of instruction.

Our desktop assessments for large and catastrophic loss include:

  1. An objective analysis highlighting areas of robust evidence.
  2. An objective analysis highlighting areas of evidential concern.
  3. An objective analysis of the matters of instruction.
  4. An objective analysis of investigative opportunities.
  5. The projected cost, timeline and likely outcomes of additional services.

Our service level agreements for fees are fixed, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Desktop CPR-Compliant Reports

Where there is a need for our clients to disclose the outcome of our objective analysis, we provide desktop CPR-compliant reconstruction reports. This desktop analysis service considers the supplied evidence and produces a timely and efficient way for our clients to contain their costs. Please click here for cases where an investigative service is required.

We provide comprehensive, and research-backed objective analysis on all matters of instruction within a case. CI Forensics has its own digital library of over 13,000 peer-reviewed research papers. Importantly, our summary of conclusions offers objective evidence of fact, and where required opinion evidence, in a concise and logical format.

Although we will only address our clients' matters of instruction, typical reports consist of:

Large and catastrophic loss desktop CPR-compliant reports

  1. The matters of instruction.
  2. The known circumstances of the collision.
  3. An objective analysis of the integrity of the supplied evidence.
  4. An objective analysis of the background movements of road users.
  5. An objective analysis of the collision dynamics.
  6. An objective analysis of the injury mechanism. (Also referred to as causation / unusual occupant movements / occupant accelerations)
  7. An objective analysis of the road user actions. (Conspicuity, perception response times, evasive manoeuvres etc)
  8. A summary of conclusions.

Please note, we make no comment on injury.

Our service level agreements for fees are fixed, please contact us to discuss your requirements.



Collision Dynamics – The forces and motions occurring during a collision due to the interaction and engagement of collision-involved vehicles, objects or persons.

Collision Scenario – The circumstances of a collision.

Evasive Manoeuvres – Actions taken by a road user to avoid a collision or minimise its severity.

Evidence of Fact – Evidence of verifiable, proven, robust and defensible information.

Injury Mechanism – The mechanical behaviour leading to an injury.

Matters of Instruction - The specific elements of a collision a client seeks consultancy for.

Opinion Evidence – Evidence of what a witness thinks, believes or infers.

Pre-Collision Phase – The actions and movements of the collision-involved vehicles, objects or persons prior to the impact phase of the collision.

Road User Actions – The ongoing activities of a road user during the pre-collision phase.



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