Over the coming six months, CI Forensics has scheduled audio podcasts with some key individuals in the field of forensic collision investigation, and we will update this page when they become available. Until then, please take the time to listen to the very informative podcasts of Kineticorp.

CI Forensics has a great relationship with Kineticorp, and Nathan Rose, a founding partner of the company, has kindly allowed their podcasts to be listed on this website. Although there are differences between the UK and the USA working practices, the majority of content is fully applicable to UK forensic collision investigation.

EP1 - Tomas Owens & Nathan Rose on the admissibility of virtual reality

EP2 - Nathan Rose gives his top tips for expert testimony

EP3 - Nathan Rose and why credentials matter

EP4 - Vehicle technology

EP5 - Event data recorder research

EP6 - Nathan Rose and his motorcycle accident book

EP7 - Toby Terpstra discusses lens distortion

EP8 - Nathan Rose discusses video analysis

EP9 - Dr Peter Weinberg discusses trial consulting

EP10 - 3D laser scanning opens up roadways

EP11 - The cost of funding your own cases

EP12 - Writing an accident reconstruction report

EP13 - Legal web marketing today

EP14 - Post traumatic stress disorder and litigation

EP15 - Motorcycle event data recorders

EP16 - Utilising experts in a courtroom

EP17 - Discussion of international accident research with Noel Lowdon of Harper Shaw Investigation Consultants

EP18 - Working with experts

EP19 - Nathan Rose discusses his rollover accident reconstruction book


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