Paul Beavis has extensively researched many of the fundamental scientific principles applied to forensic collision investigation. Paul is the technical author and consultant to the National Police Chief's Council for their Special Capabilities Programme for the ISO UKAS accreditation of the police forensic collision investigation discipline.

It is vitally important that all forensic collision investigation reconstruction reports be appropriately checked for both the accuracy of the scientific principles employed and to ensure the investigator has adopted an objective approach.

All reports should be both verified and validated.

Verification - Confirmation, through the assessment of existing objective evidence or through experiment that a method, process or device is fit (or remains fit) for the specific purpose intended. The forensic unit must demonstrate the reliability of the procedure in-house against any documented performance characteristics of that procedure.

Validation - The process of providing objective evidence that a method, process or device is fit for the specific purpose intended.

An easy way to remember the difference between the two is, verification is 'Were the results of your investigative activities correct?' moreover, validation is 'Did you investigate the collision properly?'

We offer our verification and validation services to all parties in the forensic collision investigation area, from the UK police service to the coronial system, and from the civil litigation to the families of those lost and seriously injured.

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