Our Research

We offer our clients research services for all aspects of forensic collision investigation and accident reconstruction.

With academic, engineering and on-scene forensic collision investigation experience, we are well-balanced to assist our clients with their research requirements.

We are currently consulting and researching for a number of international companies regarding the application of drones and mobile digital video recording for accidents and crashes, ranging from low velocity impacts (LVI) through the serious injury and fatal road traffic collisions.

One of our further research activities involves the analysis of vehicular traffic flow on the road network through the use of SUAS.

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our Services

All Inclusive Service Collision Accident

All-Inclusive Investigation

Collision Reconstruction Collision Accident

Investigative Reconstructions
Desktop Analysis Collision Accident

Desktop Analysis
Claim Validation

Claim Validations
Vehicle Examinations Collision Accident

Vehicle Examinations
Laser Scanning Collision Accident

3D Laser Scanning
Forensic Animations Collision Accident

Forensic Animations
CCTV Digital Video Analysis Collision Accident

Digital Video Analysis
Collision Site Analysis Collision Accident

Collision Site Analysis
UAV Collision Accident

UAV Aerial Imagery
Collision Accident Computer Simulations

Computer Simulations
Collision Accident Vehicle Forensics Infortainment

Vehicle Forensics
Collision Accident Crash Data Analysis

Crash Data Analysis
Collision Accident Light Bulb Analysis

Lamp Analysis
Collision Accident Seat Belts

Seat Belt Examinations
Incident Analysis

Incident Analysis
Collision Accident Photography

Site Photography
Collision Accident Scale Plan

Scale Plans
Collision Accident Report Validation

Report Confirmations