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Entertainment and navigational equipment are now routinely incorporated into vehicles during their manufacture. These infotainment devices readily connect to the mobile devices of the vehicle occupants.

In-Vehicle Infotainment is defined by ISO/TR 10992-2:2017 as an entertainment and information system which includes a device or a technology that provides a variety of services for navigating the internet, for enjoying a movie, and for playing games and social network services (SNS) in vehicles.

When mobile devices connect with infotainment devices, there is a transfer and subsequent storage of data. Amongst others, the data includes:

  1. Vehicle journey routes with GPS acquired coordinates and speed.
  2. Historical vehicle journey event data.
  3. Mobile phone data including SMS, call logs, connection times, media and contacts.
  4. Vehicle operating events such as braking, gear changes and door openings.
  5. Connected devices including MAC addresses and USB connections.

Whilst this discipline is in its infancy in the UK, there have been significant results by the specialist extraction of infotainment data.

According to Berla, a typical modern vehicle has over 75 computer systems, 150 million lines of code and generates over 25 Gb of data per hour.
This vehicle data is potentially very valuable in high-cost litigation cases and may provide objective evidence on a road user’s actions during the pre-collision phase.


Fees & Lead Times

Our service level agreements for fees and lead times for our vehicle forensic services vary due to the complexity of each case and any additional investigative services required.

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Pre-Collision Phase - The actions and movements of the collision-involved vehicles, objects or persons prior to the impact phase of the collision.

Road Users – Persons on the road including drivers, vehicle riders, pedestrians or passengers.


Vehicle Forensics Infotainment
Vehicle Forensics Infotainment
Vehicle Forensics Infotainment




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